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Enrollment Info

Quality Checklist for Enrollment

  • Are the surroundings safe, clean, and attractive?
  • Are parents welcome at any time, without prior notice?
  • Are the indoor and outdoor spaces safe and appropriate for the age of the children?
  • Are the teachers talking and playing with the children?
  • Are there a variety of toys and learning materials available? Are they well organized and accessible to the children?
  • What are the ratios and class sizes?
  • Is the center licensed by the State of Alabama?
  • Is there a posted scheduled in the classroom that makes children feel comfortable and secure? Does it include outdoor play?
  • Does each child have his own cot or crib?
  • Is the furniture and equipment sized for the age of child in each room?
  • Do staff and children practice health habits such as washing hands after restroom and before meals?
  • Are children engaged in activities?
  • What do the classrooms sound like?
  • Are the caregivers’ voices relaxed and reassuring?
  • What credentials do teachers have that are working with your children? It is very important that adults who care for your children have early childhood knowledge and experience.
  • Ask about the background of staff who will have contact with your child.
  • Ask about the training the staff receives throughout the year.

Enrollment Process (Step by Step)

Complete and submit Child’s Preadmission Record. Available on-line or in center office.
Parents are notified if there is availability in age group. If not, child is placed on wait-list.
Attend center tour. Tours are on Thursdays at 10:00 AM
Complete additional paperwork and provide required documents.
Schedule and attend orientation. There are several components to the orientation meeting.
  • Meet the teacher and review the “Getting to Know You” form.
  • Receive security access cards to building.
  • Orientation to child check-in procedures.
  • Review parent handbook.
  • Review and sign tuition agreement.
Set start date.

Apply for Enrollment: